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quarta-feira, 28 de fevereiro de 2007

MAN Marine diesel engines

Bonito nao é??

pois, sao os motores a gasolio MAN para veiculos aquaticos,

para saber mais:

Propulsion engines

6-cylinder in-line motors from 190 kW to 588 kW (258 mhp to 800 mhp)

8-, 10- und 12-cylinder V-motors from 365 kW to 1140 kW (496 mhp to 1550 mhp)

As powerful and reliable engines for high-speed luxury yachts, passenger and industrial ships, pilot and patrol boats, the highspeed MAN diesel engines prove just how good they are. They are compact, powerful and economical. For all that, they’re environmentally friendly and comply with the IMO exhaust-gas regulations. Upon request, they can also be delivered with the release certificate of renowned classification companies.
MAN’s marine diesel engines offer all the benefits of cost-effective large-scale series production. They are manufactured ready to install and optimally fitted for any type of usage and operating conditions. MAN can inspect and certify engine installation if desired as well as carry out thorough commissioning.
Auxiliary engines
Renowned manufacturers of marine gensets, emergency gensets and auxiliary / harbour gensets use MAN diesel engines in their products in the power range from approx. 100 kVA to 750 kVA.

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