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sábado, 27 de janeiro de 2007

The lord of the rings shadow of angmar

Processor: Intel Pentium® 4 2.8 GHz or equivalent
Video: 128 MB NVIDIA® GeForce® FX 6800 or ATI® Radeon® X850
DirectX: DirectX® 9.0c
OS: Windows® XP / Vista
Disk Space: 10 GB available
Internet: Broadband DSL/Cable
Optical Drive: 2x DVD-ROM

o novo jogo funciona em plataforma de RPG como o conhecido World of warcraft também agora saida outra versão.

o que interessa - preços: 9,99€/mês (licença de 30 dias) ou 199€ vida toda ! interessante vendo a velocidade a que estes jogos evoluem comparando com os convenionais.

game fetures

Play as any of 4 iconic Races of Middle-earth
Explore 7 Classes that are uniquely true to the lore
Master 10 Professions that allow you to contribute to the world
Over 1,000 unique titles, skills and traits make your character one-of-a-kind!
10,000+ unique items to discover
More than 2,500 monsters challenge you at every turn
2,200 quest givers provide a depth of story-driven quests never before seen in any MMO
350 authentic landmarks to discover across more than 50 million square meters of Middle-earth
Post-launch content updates expand the world and add exciting new gameplay options!


Over 300,000 people have signed up to play the Beta to date, making The Lord of the Rings Online™: Shadows of Angmar™ one of the most anticipated launches of 2007. Pre-order customers get access to the Open Beta. You could be among the first to play the game.
EPIC STORYLINE: The Lord of the Rings Online is the only MMO based on the extensive and beloved fantasy universe of J.R.R. Tolkien, and the first MMO to provide a compelling story behind players’ actions. It is the original epic world that serves as the source for all other “me too” fantasy games.
UNIQUE COMBAT AND ADVANCEMENT SYSTEMS: The Lord of the Rings Online implements unique game mechanics which surpass skills and levels to include accomplishments, traits and titles to help you gain experience in a variety of ways and to advance your character beyond traditional grinding.
MONSTER BATTLES: Jump in as a monster and battle against other gamers in a fast, action-packed session of monster vs. player combat.
INNOVATIVE SOCIAL FEATURES: The Lord of the Rings Online takes the social aspect of online gaming to the next level. Besides in-game mail, chat, crafting and guild management tools, The Lord of the Rings Online uses next-generation features like integrated voice chat, instant messaging and automatically updated web pages with your characters’ in-game stats.

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